The History And Downfalls Of Nigeria Essay

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Upsets and Downfalls Nigeria has been a democracy since 1999 when the military handed over government power to elected officials. Since then, the countries electoral system has experienced many upsets and downfalls. This transition has been anything but smooth with large amounts of corruption within the country 's political and socio-economic system. Due to the ineffectiveness of governance, it has been extremely difficult for Nigeria to effectively democratize. In order to improve Nigeria’s corrupt electoral system, the Nigerian government has established many agencies to enact numerous reforms, including: Establishing an agency to oversee political elections, combat election rigging, and encourage voter participation, as well as constructing an organization that oversees government spending and cracks down on money laundering. These reforms had only mild success before 2012. The reasons for gradual improvement after 2012 had to do with, although not limited to, leadership. These changes were the result of different political and economic events the country experienced. Free, fair, and safe elections have empirically proven to be an essential step towards ensuring a country’s democratic success. Unfortunately, corruption has become the norm in Nigerian politics. Nigeria’s major political party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), were able to maintain political power within the country using prebendalism tactics, ballot rigging, and intimidation until the 2015

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