The History And Effect Of Media On Presidential Debates

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The History and Effect of Media on Presidential Debates Throughout American history, it is clear to point out the United States have elected presidents to stand as the countries’ leader since the birth of the young nation. In most cases, the election is seen as a race between two parties even though there are others on the ballot. The vast majority usually did not know much about the other candidates until the turn of the century. Then, when media and information became easier to access it turned these elections into social media wars putting candidates at each other’s throats. The best example of this is the current election and their unruly debates, but when these debates came about they were not as cutthroat as they are now. Media throughout the years has forever altered the way in which these debates have gone about and how the presidential candidates are perceived. Media has tarnished the way politics and debates are run today from how they began. The first debate took place between Lincoln and Douglas in 1858, which wasn’t even a presidential debate; it was for the Illinois senate seat. That did not matter, those debates became known across the United States. The two men had seven debates in the state of Illinois each of which filled town squares with hoards of people, and even caught the national attention of readers who feasted on the reprints of the debates (Holzer, 2004). The debates were historical which allowed people to have a different way to view political
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