The History And Use Of Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality
The History and Use of Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is seen as a new technology that is starting to take off. However, that is not the case, as virtual reality is older than the average college student. In 1957 a man named Morton Heilig invented a device called the “Sensorama”. Morton Heilig’s device, “consisted [of] the following elements: A viewing screen within an enclosed booth which displayed stereoscopic images. Oscillating fans. Audio output (speakers). [and] Devices which emitted smells” (Virtual Reality, 2016). Morton’s device is much different than what one expects when they hear virtual reality, but that is where the idea started at. Now, when thinking of virtual reality, someone imagines a headset that hooks up to an electronic device and encompasses the user into a virtual world. Well, the headset style device was invented in 1968 when Ivan Sutherland created a head unit; however, it was so heavy that it was meant to be suspended and the user would place their head inside. The head unit connected to a computer and set the user to that virtual world people have come to expect. In the 1980’s companies like NASA started to dabble into the virtual reality to, “research into new forms of human-computer interaction (HCI)” (Virtual Reality, 2016), as well as other projects. With NASA starting to use the technology, the popularity sky-rocketed in the 1990’s. There was buzz surrounding what this new technology could do, and people just kept feeding
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