Essay on The History Behind Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Rome has been a republic since 509 B.C. This republic had replaced a monarchy. For this reason Caesar had been murdered; he was thought to have become too powerful. He was pushing for a dictatorship. Some members of the senate had stepped in and prevented his absolute power. This is just one of the reasons why Caesar would not be the best ruler of Rome; he had been too power-hungry. Antony had been just as bad as Caesar. He was his right-hand man and knew what Caesar had been up to at all times. When Caesar had died, he knew the first thing he would do if he was spared. Antony would get revenge. Rome now needs a ruler, and between Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and Marcus Brutus, there is only one choice. Rome would be best off …show more content…
Brutus describes Caesar with this quote: “But he was ambitious” (III, ii, 21). Also, Caesar accepts bribes in another quote by Brutus “But for supporting robbers, shall we now contaminate our fingers with base bribes, and sell the mighty space of our large honors for so much trash as may be graspéd thus” (IV, iii, 23-26). Caesar also thinks of himself as “immortal” (I, ii, 60), described here by Cassius, even if sarcastically. One that is power-hungry, short-tempered (even if by disease), thinks he is indomitable, and ambitious does not qualify for a good leader in a republic. Marcus Antonius is Caesar’s second in command. Everything that Caesar knows, Antony probably knows as well. He may only be Caesar’s “arm” in the scheme of things, but once the head is chopped off, he takes full advantage and replaces the head. He easily and quickly convinces the people of Rome to be against Brutus and the conspirators (III, ii, 63-185). Antony had promised not to speak badly of the conspirators earlier, but once Brutus lets him speak alone, he quickly makes his point clear with the crowd. This sneakiness and deceit are just a few reasons why Marc Antony would not make a good ruler of Rome. Also, he is familiar with Caesar and his ways, and he could become the next Caesar. This is the main reason why Antony would not be Rome’s best ruler. Marcus Brutus, as described by Antony, “was the noblest
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