The History Behind The Conflict

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The History Behind the Conflict A conflict that started when the Romans invaded and conquered Judea, the homeland of the Jews, and claimed it to be Palestine. Later on, Palestine was conquered by the Arabs. For more than a thousand years, the Arabs have inhabited in Palestine. With much resentment for those who stole their home of ancient times, there was the creation of the Zionist Movement. The plan was to bring back Jews to Israel, but with the situations, they were to overlook the large population of the Arabs located there. In 1917, Palestine was endowed to Britain. Palestine was acknowledged as a League of Nations mandate to construct a national home for the Jews. Resentment was now towards the Jewish population for stealing land that the Arabs claimed as theirs. Riots were commonly repeated, and following was a revolt. Fabricating the rivalry between the Jews and the Arabs in Palestine. In 1947, the United Nations rationed the land into states between the Arabs and the Jews. This was not accepted by the Arabs, so a war was declared. With the Jews being victorious, they extended their state. The Arab states still refused to recognize Israel or make an attempt to make peace. With the Jews and the Arabs disagreeing with one another, many wars broke out, terror raids executed, and the Israeli reprisals. Who is Involved in the Conflict? Many have been pulled in to participate in theirs contra distinction. With the countries picking their sides to have a difficult time
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