The History Of 1960s Music In The 1960s

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Music in 1960s
Music has been a part of the human race for as long as it has been existing. Its various forms and genres categorizes and divides the music country wise, ranging from initially Folk music as the base, moving on to Country music as a regions identity. The music gained enormous name and fame because of its hypnotizing effect on the singer and the listener. From Rock n Roll, evolving towards British invasion, music in 1960’s played a major role in evolution of UK.This evolution was brought up by the introduction of rock and roll, collaborating different races and changing the lifestyle thus transforming UK from a conservative country into the capital of the world.

Before rock and roll hit the Great Britain, blues and jazz were the genres of the era. Singers from various nations like the US or Africa, started working solo or as bands and increased the impact of music on people’slive. Before the 50’s, various controversies arose regarding the style of Jazz and Blues, and their effect on the local residents and “The "British Invasion" also began around 1963 with the arrival of The Beatles on the music scene and the type of rabid fandom that followed them would change the way people would view and interact with me and musicians forever.”(The People History). Although rock and roll began influencing Britain in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the early Sixties and the emergence of ‘British Invasion’ groups like The Beatles, that music truly began its revolutionary changes
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