The History Of Ballet

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Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” Despite what many people may think, ballet is well known across many of nations all over the world. Ballet has been around for hundreds years, and has a very important meaning to many people. It would be a satisfying presumption to think that ballet could change the lives of many people for many years to come. Ballet tells a story, it originated in France, and there are international ballet companies; this is what makes the history of ballet interesting.
Many people think that ballet originated in France, since the word “ballet” itself is a french word. Atlanta Ballet say, “Ballet, as we know it today, began during the Renaissance around the year 1500 in Italy.” When ballet
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The romantic tutu, a calf-length, full skirt made of tulle, was introduced.” Through all of the many kinds of ballet, they all tell a story in some way.
Watching a dance is just like reading a story or a book. “ that by the time the whole story has been told, even though it’s already a well-known story, an audience may feel like they’ve never seen it before. That’s the real secret of telling a story in dance. Because of the myriad of moments and textures that a dance can be made out of, it’s like a new story every time it’s told.” (A Light in the Dark, Reinking and Thodos). For example, there is a ballet called “Holocaust” and it shows how the victims of the holocaust felt during the period of World War II (Remembrances Holocaust Ballet). The Dance Dialogue says, “...most of our most popular ballets fall into the narrative ballet bracket, in that they tell a story, but is the storyline conveyed through the actual ballet steps? Or is it through the other dramatic devices that go to making up a ‘Ballet’?” If someone thinks about it long enough, they would realize that any motion or body movement helps enhance or add to a story being told. ”The Thodos performers make Reinking and Thodos’ kinetic and technical synthesis of drama and motion seem like the most natural thing in the world.” (A Light in the Dark,Reinking and

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