The History Of Blood Transfusion

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The History of Blood Transfusion: Techniques and Discoveries that have Launched Transfusions into Modern Day Transfusion medicine began only 200 years ago and has been perfected in the last 50 years (Ness, & Schmidt, 2006). There are still new discoveries and new technologies being made in the field of blood transfusions. Blood transfusions today are used to treat blood loss, anemia, and other hemolytic diseases. Over 200 years ago blood was believed to have many different uses. During this time period, there was no knowledge of inter-species immunity problems, any anti-coagulant, or proper functioning equipment. Humans have always had a curiosity about blood and what exactly its purpose in the body. Blood was believed to have many mysterious properties. It was thought that it could transfer someone’s personality if put into another person. Blood was also thought to possess the ability to make the old become young again. Between AD23 and AD79, Pliny the Elder, a Roman author and philosopher, wrote that spectators would rush into the arena to drink the blood of dying gladiators. The people believed that by drinking the gladiators’ blood, they would receive their strength and bravery. Claudius Glaneus assumed that by drinking the blood of a dog, rabies could be cured. Egyptians believed that by drinking blood and applying blood to the skin it could keep someone youthful. This is where it is thought that the legend of vampirism began. Most of the early references to “blood
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