The History Of Cosmetic Dentistry Gives Insight Into The

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The history of cosmetic dentistry gives insight into the current social standing of cosmetic dentistry. In Braces, Pointless and Essential, Michael Thomsen, the author, presents the history of dentistry (and as a result, the history of cosmetic dentistry). A man named Pierre Fauchard is introduced as an 18th century French physician credited as being the “father of modern dentistry” because of his formalization of “the basic principles of contemporary braces” (anchoring dentures to molars to keep them in place). Thomsen writes that “Around the same time that Fauchard practiced, the desire for a symmetrical set of teeth was taking root among the wealthy in Europe and the US.” (3) An American man named Thomas Berdmore added fuel to the fire…show more content…
Dr. Mulcahy’s reasoning is opposed in an article later published by the Canadian Dental Association titled “Cosmetic Dentistry Is Still Dentistry” authored by Dr. Ken Glick, DDS. Dr. Glick’s main motivating factor for writing this article is to refute most of Dr. Mulcahy’s points. These dueling dentists present the juxtaposing sides of this argument involving the question of whether cosmetic dentistry should be considered a specialty and some ethics and morality values in the modern dental field. A point of agreement between the dueling articles is that an integral aspect of restorative dentistry is the concept of an ideal appearance. Dr. Mulcahy states that restorative dentistry is “dedicated to perfection” and that the “best outcome of our endeavors includes the esthetic, or cosmetic, aspect of what we do.” (1) Though this assertion precedes a statement against the “disproportionate emphasis” on the cosmetic aspect of restorative dentistry, which Dr. Brink attributes to the popular media. Dr. Brink agrees, writing “one of the criteria of successful restorative dentistry has been the ability to produce ideal appearance in the restored teeth.” (2) This statement is followed by an assertion that before a collection of major technological advances in the world of dentistry,

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