The History Of Early Law Enforcement

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Dylan Drover
Mrs. Dozier
English 11
March 24, 2015
Law Enforcement
The history of early law enforcement really has been around since ancient times. In these times guards that worked for the lords of kingdoms were assigned the job of collecting taxes. Though the first real law enforcement as we see it today goes back to the colonial age in both England and newly found America. Colonial America followed the the British form of a police organization. This idea was a sheriff appointed by the governor of a colony, enforced laws, collected taxes and maintained public property throughout the colony. In the times of these law enforcement efforts many were seen to be largely inadequate to maintain order. As time went on many things went on to
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These levels allow more control because some departments focus on bigger issues in the states where as smaller local departments will work on smaller issues in their own communities. The amount law enforcement has evolved over the years has made it more capable and able to deal with the problems of this new age much different than that of the revolutionary time period. Law enforcement has evolved because as time went on technologies came along which criminals had access to and crimes got more creative and complex. For example a rather new crime with modern society and new technologies brought on is cyberbullying. As the time went on and the law enforcement system evolved and crimes got more serious and in depth and technologies advanced for both criminals and police. This is why another important thing changed in law enforcement, the equipment that they carry. The first law enforcements system in the United States in the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary times was the night watch which was similar to the modern day neighborhood watch. They didn’t wear uniforms or carry guns they mostly just watched out for suspicious activity and made people aware of anything that went wrong. Then as time went on this equipment wasn’t satisfactory for the new age. This is when many cities start to make law enforcement systems became official by issuing uniforms and guns many times. This made the law enforcement have a
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