The History Of Islam And Islam

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The History of Islam
Islam is a religion that was founded in 622 C.E. Its origin is traced to the Arabian Peninsula, and currently has an estimated 1.5 billion followers’ worldwide. The sacred texts that are associated with Islam is the Qur’an and Allah is the Deity they pay homage to. Muslims believe that there is only one true God and several time per day, they stop everything to participate in prayer rituals. The region, in which Islam was founded, was a melting pot of religious beliefs. There were small concentrations within the region that practiced Judaism and Christianity, but the religions were overshadowed by cults of the Tribal Gods that participate in barbaric practices. (A Brief History in Islam, 2009). All supporters of Islam
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Pillar # 1
Pillar one is the Shahadah, which declares that Allah is the only. This confirms faith in one heavenly truth. It also declares that God’s messenger is Muhammad. This affirms obedience to God through receipt of his message as shown to the people through Muhammad. This affirmation of faith suggests admission of the follower into the all-encompassing community of Muslims and is mandatory in converting to Islam.
Pillar # 2
Pillar two consists of the five daily prayers that must take place, which shows the supporter’s obedience to God and serves as shared, tangible proof of the devotion to Islam. Prayers are carried out right before sunrise, at midday, in midafternoon, right after dusk, and at nightfall, between an hour following dusk and midnight. Prayers are to be directed towards Mecca and should be performed in a state of ceremonial cleanliness, attained by either a bath or ceremonial cleansing.
Pillar # 3
Pillar three is the giving of alms. This is in remembrance of one 's all-inclusive social duties to the public, to a representative of a local mosque, of the Islamic government or to a religious officer. In other words, the giving of alms is about contributions given to the indigent. It is beneficial to the poor and helps the contributor by moving him or her towards more devoutness and obedience to Allah. The giving of alms is thought to be a form of reverence to God.
Pillar # 4
Pillar four is in celebration of Ramadan. It is the month

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