The History Of Ludwig Van Beethoven

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The History of Ludwig Van Beethoven One of the world’s most fascinating classical German music composers, Ludwig Van Beethoven was more than just a man playing on the piano. Famous for more than just writing the piece Für Elise that most of us all know. He composed many songs with a force that not just every musician has; musical emotion. Each of his pieces captured and held a story about Beethoven. Did you know Beethoven was deaf? How could a composer, a musician, a musical genius, lack such an important and valuable sense and still continue to create such beautiful pieces? What was it like for this musician to have dealt with the struggle of not being able to hear his own art after a certain point in his life? What are the stories that each one of his pieces portray about his life? What made Ludwig Van Beethoven the man we all know him as today!? Was he a prodigy directly from the womb? No, but not too long after his birth his musical journey began. December 16th, 1770 in Bonn, Germany the musical genius was born and forever known as Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven was actually the 3rd Ludwig Van Beethoven in his family. The first was his grandfather who was a well-known musician in Bonn and the 2nd Ludwig Van Beethoven was Beethoven’s older brother who suddenly died only six days after his birth. His father, Johann, was an extreme alcoholic and would often abuse Beethoven which caused him to have suffered a very tragic childhood. When Beethoven was 4 years old he first…

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