The History Of Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy has been an important resource to help people heal from injuries throughout history; however, has only become an official and professional industry within the last century. Physical therapists organized into a y became a professional association in 1921, which was the American Women's Physical Therapeutic Association. This later changed to the American Physiotherapy Association so that they could allow men to join. In the 1930’s the APA introduced its first “Code of Ethics”. ( Many different techniques and tools are used in the field now that have evolved from methods of the past. Some of the methods are still used, and some methods are a whole new thing on their own. In the physical therapy, many varieties of methods…show more content…
My own father will soon be attending physical therapy for his back because he recently had two surgeries on it. However, he has some tools he uses for now. He now is limited on what he can do and has brace that he wears throughout the day to keep his back straight. The brace wraps around from the back to the front just above the waist where it vVelcros together. Then there are four more Velcro straps to tighten the brace. There is a hard plate with Vvelcro onto the inside of the front of the brace to protect one of the points where he was opened to do the surgery. There is also a firm plate on the back of the brace to offer support and keep the back straight. There is also another brace that uses a new method which is called electrical stimulation. It wraps around the waist just like the last one, but on the back is a hard wheel with an x cross inside it. Attached to the wheel is a little controller that shows what is doing. It is also a timer because he is supposed to wear it for thirty minutes a day to stimulate the muscle around the incision point of the back surgery. Simple, small tools like these can help to decrease the amount of time spent in recovery. Back pPain is a common issue among people. According to an article entitled, “Alexander technique Helps Relieve Chronic Back Pain” by Harvard Women's Health, 80% of people suffer from back pain at one point in their…show more content…
The main idea of physical therapy is to help you gain some use back into a part of your body that you lacked control of or have had an injury that lead to the lack of control; therefore, it is an obvious start that the first technique listed is mMobilization and mManipulation. Joints in our body such as the spine, lumbar, and shoulders can get stiff from many different things. For example, many of these stiff joints are a result from injury, our posture, repetitive movement required by a job, or a form of arthritis. It is not uncommon for the stiffness of a joint to lead to the stiffness and pain of another joint.
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