The History Of Scottish Education

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The History Of Scottish Education Introduction Education is a subject that is continually changing, growing and expanding. These changes allow us to develop and improve upon our current education systems. In order for us to fully utilise and improve our education system we must take into consideration the past and the present systems that are in place. By understanding the history of education in Scotland, it will allow us to identify our areas of weakness and our areas of strength. Our history is what has shaped, policies and initiatives of our education system in the 21st century. It is important that we are aware of how far our educational system has come throughout history and that we have a clear vision for the future. Education is Scotland is still shaped by polices that are both a statement and process. Issues are constantly arising within education, when an issue arises a policy is created as a possible solution. These policies are implemented into the educational system; if they are an effective solution they are kept in place and improved upon in the future. There are always going to be issues and flaws within education as it is an ever changing system that is growing and improving. The First Book of Discipline The first book of discipline was created in 1560; this document was introduced to ensure that there was an elementary school in every parish. It was then decided that this school should educate children aged 5-8. These parish schools were open to
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