The History Of Sexuality By Michel Foucault

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The ‘We “Other Victorians”’ chapter of the book entitled “The History of Sexuality” by Michel Foucault seeks to explain the traditional and modern issues regarding sexuality. Michel argues out that during the 17th century, sexuality was not a big deal, and various sexual acts were pursued more or less deliberately. Primarily, there was no taboo concerning sex and people of all age groups including children were well aware of sexual behaviours. Michel then points out that sexuality was now shifted to the homes where it was meant to become a personal matter between two exclusive partners (Foucault, 1980). As such, the society manipulated and controlled the issue of sexuality such that it became a reproductive and productive national power. For this reason, the repression of sexuality resulted in the concentration of supremacy as power became concurrently linked to leisure. Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, sexuality was a socially non-existent matter, a taboo, as well as, the dissertation of sexuality fell completely silent as populations continued to grow rapidly. Therefore, this paper entails a critical reflection of Michel Foucault’s main arguments in this chapter. Michel argues that during the seventeenth century, people were frank about themselves more so regarding the issue of sexual practices. That is, words were expressed openly without any concealment and secrecy was something did not exist at all. As such, anybody had the right to know anything
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