The History Of Slavery In America

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Slavery was a very monumental happening in history, and it, in turn, affected many different parts of society at the time. Slavery was the owning of a person and, eventually, their families to work for them, whether it be manual labor or housework or work of any kind. However, the majority of slaves served as field hands. At the time, slavery was very popular and very much used by many people, especially in America. Slavery helped to increase the amount of and the success of agriculture in America. To explain, cotton was a large cash crop at the time, and it was being planted and grown immensely. Cotton tallied more than half of America’s imports, and Britain was a major importer of the crop. More cotton that could be planted meant more slaves, so as increases in land continued, so did the increases in…show more content…
Those who had more land or who had large plantations ranked higher in governmental power. Slavery also had an influence on the economy at the time. As more profits were made by the progressing of the agricultural success, more slaves were needed. Slaves were profitable to their owners because they did not nearly cost the value of all of their agricultural productions, but this soon changed as the thirst for slaves was realized. As the cotton production expanded, the cost for slaves rose as well, making the more handy field hands worth more. This made it so that only the wealthier owners could have the more valuable of the slaves. Slavery soon Americanized the slaves so that when/if they were freed, they no longer wished to
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