The History Of Social Work Practice

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In this essay I will be giving a brief introduction to the history of social work practice, by introducing the laws that contributed to its development. Explaining how the sub divisions divide into specialism 's within the variety of social work settings, using both public and private sectors to show understanding. Also, demonstrate knowledge of different legislation that has been introduced to social work practice over the past 25 years and why it is used in particular areas. Then to finalise using protection issues, how to justify why legislation was used by assessing the likely impact of results.
Social work laws and provisions, have set how social workers practice today. The foundation of social work has so many contributors, but one of the first laws to contribute to the welfare of individuals was The Poor Law Act 1601. Under the provisions of this act, it enabled parishes to offer two forms of relief. This then enabled people to receive; if deemed eligible under the criteria 's: indoor relief and outdoor relief. The act was later amended in 1834.
This with other contributing laws, begun to shape Government system in England. Setting in stone, introduction of the Local Government Act 1929. Which enabled, The Poor law boards Guardians, replaced by Local Authorities. (
However, the welfare state still was not delivering adequate services. In 1972 The Beveridge report was produced by author William Beveridge. Which he "recommended that the government
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