The History Of Sony : Sony Corporation Of America

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The History of SONY SONY was created by a man named Masaru Ibuka and his friend Akio Morita together they Created Japan 's first tape recorder called the Type G. Sony was originally called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo The name SONY came from a mix of two word which where, sonus meaning sonic or sound and sonny slang term for boy in the 50s. In Japan being called sonny boy was a compliment that meant smart and presentable. So in 1958 they officially changed the name to SONY. The first product that had the name SONY on it was the TR-55 transistor radio it was the first ever made and the only portable radio at the time in Japan. By the mid 50s the TR-63 radio had made it overseas to the American public. They went from selling 100,000 units in 1955 to by the end of 1968 the had sold over 5 billion units. In 1960 they opened up the american side of SONY called SONY corporation of America. SONY also played a major part in Japan being the number 1 exporter in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Which allowed them to charge however much they wanted and not having to lower prices because of consumer demands. In the mid 1980s electronic sales dropped during a recession so they were forced to lower prices. During this same time SONY as a company looked as though it was on its last leg, also going under new management while under the lead of Norio Ohga they began working on other projects like the playstation, cameras and many more. In 1987 SONY launched the 4mm digital audio tape used for audio

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