The History Of Southwest Airlines

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The History of Southwest Airlines
The Southwest is a leading American air service and is the largest low-priced service provider with the base in Texas. It came into existence in 1976 and its name became Southwest in 1971. According to an overview in 2014 the company has around 45k employees and around 3.4k flights are operated each day. Mostly Southwest Airlines uses 737s, except in 1970s and 1980s, when it rented some 727s from BI airlines. Over the last couple of years southwest is facing certain logistic issues, which is not only damaging its reputation but also affecting its business strategies (Gittell, 2004).
Southwest Airlines Co is a low-cost airline in the United States. Southwest airline is the biggest airline in the United States carrying more than. Southwest, the sixth largest US airline by revenue and it maintains the second largest fleet of airliners of all commercial airlines worldwide. On the July 12, 2008, Southwest operated approximately 3,500 daily flights. Southwest is based in the 2702 Love Field Drive Texas, adjacent to the airport Love Field.
According to the statistics Southwest Airline carried more passengers than the any other US based airline since the year 2006.This statistics includes all the international and national passengers’ routes. It is estimated that it is one of the most profitable airlines in the world.
According to the statistics from the Department of Transportation of the United States, it is one of the most
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