The History Of Star Wars

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May 25, 1977, was the day a whole new world of sci-fi movies made an appearance - the first movie of the beloved Star Wars franchise came out. This series of movies required several components, like acting and music. Months of preparation and production made Star Wars one of the greatest. Star Wars, just like in any movie, needed actors that wouldn’t just perform their best, but also work by themselves to memorize lines. Each person had a part, and, whether big or small, each part was important. Often, the actors talk about what they had to accomplish during the movie-making process. Mark Hamill explains in a BBC Interview that often he had to imagine what was going on in the background, which was actually a blue screen (YouTube). Along with knowing their lines, they also had to know how to act. For example, in The Force Awakens, Rey is a girl who is adventurous and brave, which means Daisy Ridley had to act out those qualities in the movie.…show more content…
There was also an audition of roles that the actors had to try out for. In the BBC Interview with Mark Hamill, he also explained that he had to audition for the part of Luke Skywalker. He started acting when he was 12, went to a performing arts school, and his first feature film was Star Wars. To get into a movie series as big as Star Wars was a big deal. During the production of the film, as shown in the ABC News interview with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, there were lots of people contributing to making the movie as great as it can be
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