The History Of The Airline Industry

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The history of the airline industry has proven to be one of the most turbulent and unreliable industries to date. Many airlines have found ways to succeed, or simply keep their heads above water, while other companies have not been so lucky. We 've seen legacy airlines such as Pan American and Trans World Atlantic, who once reigned the industry, fall beyond recovery into bankruptcy and forced to shut down, while other airlines have become very successful. One airline that has been able to make air travel a profitable business is Continental Airlines. Continental Airlines was founded in 1934 as a very prosperous company and over their colorful 64-year history has experienced both tremendous success and extreme difficulty.
Walter Varney and Louis Mueller originally founded Continental Airlines as Varney Speed Lines. The concept of their company was to operate airmail and passenger services in the American Southwest over a route originating from El Paso, Texas, to Pueblo, Colorado. Commencing operations in the Lockheed Vega, in the first month they carried 860 pounds of mail and 9 passengers. In 1934, Robert F. Six saw an opportunity and bought into the Southwest division of Varney Speed Lines. Soon after in 1936, Mueller sold 40 percent of the company shares to Robert Six who then gained control of the company. One year later Six changed the name to Continental Airlines and moved its headquarters to Denver, Colorado, which would become the airline’s central hub for the next
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