The History Of The French And Indian War

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There were many laws and taxes that were passed on by Parliament and events that eventually occurred throughout history. On this timeline, it begins with the Navigation Acts in 1651. This act protected many of the British economic interests and its industry against the growing Dutch navigation trade. It also meant that no foreign ships were allowed in British colonies. About 82 years later, the Parliament enacted the Molasses Act in 1733. It protected its sugar plantations in the West Indies. After the Molasses Act came to the French and Indian War in 1754 to 1763. The war gave Great Britain gains for territory in North America. They fought overpaying the war’s expenses and that made the colonies angry. In 1754 The Albany Congress …show more content…

Soldiers were to be housed in barracks or empty public buildings and not in private residences. It was the duty of local legislatures to fund the expenses. Next came the Declaratory Act, on March 18 of 1766. The Declaratory Act was an act issued by British Parliament stating its authority to make laws by declaring the statement Everyone must follow the Acts, “in all cases whatsoever” including the right to tax. The Declaratory Act was a reaction of British Parliament to the failure of the Stamp Act as they did not want to give up on the main idea of imperial taxation declaring its legal right to tax colonies. Furthermore came the Townshend Revenue Act, established in early June of 1767. The Townshend Act composed of series of establishments, that included a revenue tax on seventy-two consumer goods, It made people pay for imported goods. For instance, glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. Then, On March 5th, 1770, there was a serious catastrophic event later to be known as the Boston Massacre. A sentinel positioned at the customs house was bombarded with snowballs and crushed, chunked ice, as he called for support several guards armed themselves and shot at the herd killing five men and wounding six. The people who were harmed in the massacre were citizens Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, Patrick Carr,

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