The History Of The Organization And The Impact Of Its Leaders

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Theoretical Framework
Understanding the tumultuous history of the organization and the impact of its leaders is instrumental in connecting the frameworks I choose for this project. While I believe most student affairs divisions’ lean towards servant leadership models, I found authentic leadership more appropriate given the complicated balance between student-centered efforts in diversity and access, and institutional mission of prestige and excellence. Authentic leadership ascended from the search for honest, trustworthy, and positive leadership approaches (Northouse, 2013; Nyberg & Sveniningsson, 2014). While transformational, servant, and authentic leadership are rooted in moral or ethical frameworks, authentic leadership differs in its
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Dacin et al. introduces Oliver’s (1992) three major sources of institutional pressures – functional, political, and social, also described as discordant beliefs or practices as the result of mergers. Hanson (2001) states organizational memory and organizational learning are first employed to resolve environmental conflict. Organizational change, however, often occurs when a problem – internal or external – will not go away. Hanson further explains when the gap between what the organization is doing and what environment or external forces expect or require widens, a change takes place in an effort to close the gap. According to Hanson, gaps can result from a number of factors, including, “establish[ing] programs or activities too far from the established norms of the field,” (p. 659). Hanson’s institutional theory and change model demonstrates three possible outcomes in organizational change: environmental regression and reverting back to organizational norms or status quo, environmental shift leading to evolution in an organization’s practices, environmental shock resulting in complete organizational reform.
Given the assumed impact of internal and external pressures as well as rapid and consistent changes in organizational leadership, I believe authentic leadership and institutional theory and change are appropriate frameworks for this study. Employing both will aid in addressing my
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