The History Of The World Wide Web

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The history of the World Wide Web was created on August 6th, 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee. (Bryant, 2012). Due to the creation of the World Wide Web, many things have changed. Websites have made everything either easier or more complicated. But, we will talk about the easier this world has gotten. Some websites that have made life easier are Facebook, Strayer University, Amazon, EBay, Google, Gmail, Yahoo, PayPal, Walmart, Schwan’s, Myspace, Pogo, Trip Advisor, and Home Chef. These are just to name a few of the websites that have made our lives easier.
I could not agree more, that technology is like the Devil to many households making parents’ divorce due to lack of person to person communication, and it makes partners want to have infidelities in their relationships. But, nonetheless, websites like the ones I listed above are to make our lives easier.
We will start with Social Networking sites. Social Networking sites, like Facebook, and Myspace, are to bring people closer to each other from distances away. I have known of many relatives finding each other after many years of not knowing each other, due to adoption and other circumstances. They always help connect business to the users. You will always see ads on the sides of Facebook while playing a game, if it is not full screen, of business that you might like. Social Networking can be the cause of distraction with family as well. There was a report of a lady playing Farmville, a very popular game on Facebook and it used to
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