The History Of Treatment Of Depression

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The History of treatment of depression is hard to link to a specific date. In the early years of treatment there was almost no distinction between mental disorders as compared to our knowledge of them now. Depression was not recognized as a unique problem and for that reason it didn’t receive unique treatment. Depression has been around as far as humans have, even before treatment was thought to even help patients. Depression has been a big part of mental health in the medical field. Depression now is categorized into a few different categories, while before it was more of a generalized disorder and was thought to be of only one kind. The way that we look at depression now is still under developed to the point that common knowledge of mental health is still low compared to how it should be at this point in time with our technology.Although our common knowledge of depression have greatly improved from what our knowledge of depression was in the 18th - 20th century, we still have a long way to go to reach a stable point in mental health. Many doctors have gone into the mental specialization field of medicine and have done many special and important contributions to the field. Research in the mental has come a long way and has improved to the point, were more morale is taken in account with cases. Treatment now is more developed and is a bit more complex then it was in the 17th – 20th century. Treatment in that time was more simple and straight to the point. Apart from it…
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