The History Of Wrestling

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Wrestling is a sport which was developed from ancient Olympic Games. In today’s world sports such as baseball, soccer, or football are common and have many fans; however, wrestling has history. In understanding ancient history, the Greco-Roman society and how they held Olympic Games is important in realizing wrestling is an extremely competitive sport. As time passed, wrestling begins to become modern and incorporated into the Athens Olympic Games in 1896, which included the Greco-Roman wrestling style (Wikipedia, 2017). The first time free style wrestling is found in the history of wrestling is documented in 1904 at the St. Louis Olympic Games (Wikipedia, 2016). Wrestling has been a controversial sport and was removed from the 2020 Olympic…show more content…
Louis 1904 Olympic Games and changed style of wrestling. (Wikipedia, 2016). Freestyle Wrestling is a form of wrestling, which allows the opponents to grab each other by the legs to take them down for a pin at the shoulders. The difference in this form versus the Ancient Greek form is the opponents were not allowed to grab legs for a pin. Both forms of wrestling allow each wrestler to throw the opponent to the mat. Also, this is the first time individual weight classes were incorporated into the Olympic Games. Weighing the wrestlers made wrestling an opponent more equal, because they would wrestle against a person of equal weight. It is interesting to note all medalist were from the United States of America (Wikipedia,…show more content…
He is considered an iconic figure in wrestling. Mr. Gable was from the state of Iowa. In his wrestling career, he only lost once to Larry Owings of the University of Washington in the NCAA finals his senior year while attending Iowa State University. He continued a wrestling career. Dan Gable won multiple national and world championships. And, in 1972, Mr. Gable won the gold medal at the Munich, Germany 1972 Olympic Games. During the 1972 Olympic Games, he had to wrestle 21 qualification matches, and he pinned twelve of his opponents. Overall he earned 131 points, which is outstanding. He only lost one pin or point during the entire Olympic Games. After the Olympics, he began a coaching career at the University of Iowa. He coached from 1976-1997. While coaching, Dan Gable won more games than any coach prior to him. He was able to win 15 NCAA National titles with the teams he coached. As a coach, he aided in the development of 152 All-American wrestlers, 106 Big Ten Champions, 45 National Champions, and 12 Olympians. Mr. Gable set the bar high for all wrestlers to meet their personal potential and taught them to wrestle with
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