The History Teacher By Billy Collins And Southern History

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History is one of those subjects that often times doesn’t always show the full truth, and whether that be to protect the students being taught or just because it seems more convenient for the teacher, there are a lot of lies that can be taught. Again, it can be for different reasons or it could just be that it is looked at from a different view, two poems that have the same general topic won’t always be the same. Just take the poem The History Teacher by Billy Collins or Southern History by Natasha Trethewey for example and you will be able to right away catch the lies the students were told by the teacher and for different reasons Take the first poem The History Teacher by Billy Collins for example. Right away in the first line it says that the teacher is trying to protect the student’s innocence by lying to them. He tell the students that the Ice Age was a period were everyone had to wear sweaters, the Stone Age was named after the long driveways that the time period had, and even that the War of the Roses took place in a Garden. He tries to protect the children’s innocence by lying to them and keeping them from the ugly truth of the world. The teacher believes that because the kids are so young and naïve that he should be the one that stands up and makes them feel better by teaching them this false information. However, when the teacher, the one who was caught up in the children’s innocence, is walking home the children are “tormenting the weak and the smart, mussing

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