The History and Development of Sports throughout the 1930's Essay

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The History and Development of Sports throughout the 1930s Introduction--While some sports were not as popular as they are today, little did people know how large of a role they would play in society during the 1930s. I. Most Popular sports throughout the 1930s A. Three most popular sports and description and major events of first sport (baseball) and baseball stars B. Description and major events of basketball C. Description and major events of football II. Olympic Games A. Winter Games of 1932 B. Summer Games of 1932 C. Winter Games of 1936 D. Summer Games of 1936 Conclusion--While sports were just an activity in the past, sports really started to become a lifestyle during the 1930s. The History and…show more content…
Fans who could not attend the games, which were nearly always played in the afternoon, often could listen to radio broadcasts” (Ellis). The major leagues had already developed sixteen teams throughout Mancinelli 2 the 1930s, from ten different cities. Advancements in baseball during the 1930s include the All-Star Game, which started in ‘33, and night games, which were first played in the majors in ‘35 (Ellis). The thirties were when Major League baseball was really in its golden years (Sutton). Baseball stars during this era include Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig. The most popular winter sport during the 1930s was basketball. It required very little equipment which made it well fit for the Great Depression era. It was mainly played on the high school and collegiate level, but there was a professional league. Basketball was usually just a way for men to stay in shape during the offseason. “During the 1930’s, basketball became a popular diversion because it requires little in the way of equipment and because the Public Works Administration built so many high school and college basketball facilities. As a result of its increasing popularity during this period, the rules of the game were codified and regularized” (Carney). Basketball was a minor sport compared to football and baseball. Professional basketball was divided racially. The Harlem Globetrotters and the Harlem

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