Essay on The History and Heritage of Society

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To understand heritage, an assessment of history and heritage needs to be examined. It can be suggested that history and heritage conceive of and use the past in similar ways. History accepts the existence of episodes from the past in much the same way as geography assumes the existence of places hat can be described, however imperfectly, as really existing even if not directly experienced by the narrator, on the basis of whatever record is available and selected for use (Tunbridge and Ashworth 1996). Heritage makes similar expectations, for example, the past is assumed to exist, even the sense as Atlantis exist, as products of a creative imagination, in response to the needs of the creator. The inheritor determines heritage, all heritage is someone’s heritage, and that someone determines that I exists. It is thus a product of the present, purposefully developed in response to current needs or demands for it, and shaped by those requirements. It makes to sorts of intergenerational links both of which are determined by the present. The president selects an inheritance from an imagined past for current use and decides what should be passed on to an imagined future. This can be seen in the city of Tombstone and its use of the heritage model to produce tourism from its historic resources.
Consequently, both history and heritage make a selective use of the past for current purposes and transform it through interpretation (Tunbridge and Ashworth 1996). History is what a historian…