The History and Mission of the CIA Essay

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), while on the surface appearing as dissimilar as the ideas of Karl Marx and the Founding Fathers, have at their heart a very similar idea behind them. Both of these federal bureaucracies are federal agencies, with the heads appointed by the President, and responsible to Congress.
The CIA is a rather young federal agency, with its earliest predecessor dating back to only 1941 (Wallace 482). On July 11, 1941, the first official, national intelligence agency, the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI), was established, about six months before the U.S. joined World War II (Wallace 482). The COI’s name was changed to the Office of Strategic Services
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The modern CIA was created in 1947 with President Truman’s enactment of the National Security Act, with the CIA replacing the CIG (“About CIA” With this new agency was created a new advisor to the President, the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) with the purpose of “serve as head of the United States intelligence community; act as the principal adviser to the President for intelligence matters related to the national security; and serve as head of the Central Intelligence Agency” (“About CIA” Initially, the CIA was limited to domestic security, but in 1949 this authority was expanded to international information-gathering and confidentiality of the CIA budget with the advent of the Central Intelligence Agency Act (“History of the CIA” [2] An important component of these new abilities was the ability to include CIA funds in the budget requests of other agencies, and then secretly transfer the funds from those agencies to the CIA without restriction (“History of the CIA” [2] The National Security Act, which created the CIA, was then revised in 1953 to include a position of “Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI)”, a President-appointed position (“History of the CIA” [2] Throughout the Cold War, the CIA was the cornerstone to providing intelligence about Soviet Russia, its activities, and providing counterintelligence services. In one instance, a passive bug was implemented into a wooden U.S. seal

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