Essay about The History and Pillars of Islam

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How can we define Islam? Is it worship and a way of living? Or it is only performing the Islam pillars (performing payers five times per day, fasting on Ramadan, giving Zakat, and going for Hajj for those who can offer) “Being born Muslims in a Muslim country we don’t bother to look beyond the fact of being followers of Islam” (aslam).Islam is one of the main and major monotheistic religions as Christianity and Judaism which have been there since long time. Globally, it considers the second biggest religion and the most growing one among the other religions. As it has been motioned by Kobeisy (2004) “The number of Muslims in the world is approximately 1.2 billion, one-fifth of the world population” p.11. The importance of Islam lies behind…show more content…
So Muslim should be for the reason of seeking the satisfaction of Allah, and that mentioned in the Quran in Surat Ibrahim , (verses 17) as interpreted to English language “Allah keeps firm those who believe, with the firm word, in worldly life and hereafter ,And Allah sends the wrongdoers .And Allah does what He wills.” Second reason is asking help from Allah and believing that the only help can come only from Allah. The third reason is being a non stoppable seeker for knowledge which will lead to be in the exact and the right path of Islam as learning assists in getting more information about what suppose to be done for paradise. The most essential reason is having a good appetite for the Holy Quran, not only by reading and recitation it. But also, remembering the Quran by heart, and applying what it says in our daily living routine as it is a significant pillar for preserving the life. Being afraid from Allah and having piety is one of the keys that bring sustenance, that can be seen in Surat At- Talaq, (verses 2-3) as translate “Whoever fears Allah –He will make for him a way out , and will provide for him from where he does not expect”. Since Allah is the creator of the heavens and the earth, the good Muslim will always remember and recall that Allah brings peace of mind as obviously declared in Surat Ar-Ra’d, (verses 18) as explained in English “Those who have believed and whose
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