The History and Reputation of DeVry University

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Herman DeVry established DeForest Training school which was to prepare students for technical work involving of electronics, motion pictures, radio and later came of television. In 1957 the first associate degree in electronics engineering technology was being offered to students. It officially became DeVry Institute in 2002 with enrollment of 80,000+ in both graduate and undergraduate students. According to the University there have been 237,000+ students that have graduated since 1975, it also has more than 90 campuses throughout the North America and offers degree programs in technology, science, business, the arts and also management, and today DeVry University’s education excellence has been integral in improving the lives of thousands of students.
Senator Tom Harkin's comprehensive report on the for-profit college industry revealed this about DeVry: tuition for an associate’s degree is 10 times higher than at community colleges, it has a dropout rate of 50 percent (60 percent for online students) within a median of 3 1/2 months; spending per student of less than $3000 per year on education, about a quarter of what is spent by the University of Illinois; a CEO salary of $6.3 million, 46 times more than the president of the University of Illinois; and evidence of deceptive recruiting of students. At least two state attorneys general, Illinois and Massachusetts, are investigating DeVry.…
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