The History and Technology of the Computer in the Nineteenth Century

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In our fast pace society, technology is ever changing. This has ultimately resulted in technology always being at our fingertips. On an average day so many people are dependent on computers for their capabilities; including, police officers, small businesses, Wall Street, and even the average person for leisure. Without the invention of the first mechanical computer design in 1822 by Charles Baggage, our society would not be where it is at today. The computer has been noted to be most of the most powerful technology that societies will ever have.1 The first computer consisted of nearly 4,000 different parts. Measuring roughly seven feet tall and 11 feet long which is nowhere near resembles the compact computers we have available…show more content…
In current society today, a decent security protection is necessary to protect your privacy on computers. The invention and technology capabilities of the computer has not only advanced and created new technological developments for society, but the computer has also impacted social and cultural aspects of life as well. Culture refers to a human’s way of life, which includes daily and religious traditions, activities, beliefs and anything not related to technology. One theory about technology and its impacts on culture is called “technology determinism” this theory states that technology determines society’s cultural and social values and beliefs. As a result of this theory, technology and culture are two distinct factors. However, according to the technology determinism theory, technology always remains ahead of society’s culture. This results in society continuously changing to keep up with the technological changes that occur.6 A specific example about the technology and cultural change that the computer has contributed to in society is the meaning of dating and interaction with friends and family members. In today’s society the computer allows for individuals to meet and interact with a wide variety of people that

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