The History of African American Slavery

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The History of African American Slavery Tongela Vaughan Axia College of University of Phoenix The History of African American Slavery A slave is someone who is owned by another human. They do as they are told to do by their owners. African Americans had an unfair start in America, by being captured and brought over from Africa to be slaves. Do you know how slaves were treated? The conditions and treatment of slaves were different fromthe average American. Do you know how slavery came to an end? The slaves receivedtheir freedom in different types of ways. Before long, slavery was ended and they were set free to live their lives according to their own choice. For the African Americans brought to America as indentured servants,…show more content…
Once they saved enough money, they were able to buy their freedom Finally, slaves were able to see the light at the other end of the long tunnel of harsh treatment on the plantations. Slavery ultimately ended in the United States following Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, which freed slaves that were rebelling against the federal government. In 1865, slavery was abolished. Thanks to President Abraham Lincoln, the slaves were finally a free race. There was one thing that helped to keep the slaves believing that they would receive their freedom,and that they will see better days ahead. That was there firm belief in god. They would hold church, or what they would call religious revivals, out in a field. Having that belief kept them strong and held the families together that was not traded or auctioned off. Slave owners initially resisted evangelicals preaching to their bond people, but as the revival movement spread, a few came to consider it their Christian duty to teach their slaves about the bible. Converting their original religions to Christianity became part of accepting America as home. {draw:frame} This article advertises the trading or selling of African Americans who have been transported by boat to America. The name of the boat that transported the African Americans was named the Ship Bance. {draw:frame} This picture

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