The History of Bosnia

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Bosnia was once the epicenter of former Yugoslavia. The state of Bosnia dates back to the Second Century and was quite different from current Bosnia. Second Century Bosnia consisted of Latin speaking settlers from Roman Empire and they were also Christians. (History of Bosnia and Herzegovina). The first ruler of Bosnia, in the high middle ages, was Ban Boric. The second ruler was Ban Kulin and he ruled in the late 1100’s. Ban Kulin was a well respected leader who ruled for three decades by keeping the peace and stability within the state. He was able to strengthen the economy by signing treaties with Venice and Dubrovnik. (History of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
After Kulin’s ruling, Bosnia was taken over by Ottoman. Although Ottoman took Bosnia over, they preserved the Bosnian identity within the culture. Ottoman ruled from 1463-1878. At this time, the population was deeply affected because of frequent wars with European powers and there were high rates of migration. Also at this time Islam was the largest ethnic group due to the high rise of conversions to Islam. Due to the rise of Islam conversion, the population rate of Catholicism went down. In 1875, the Ottoman Empire fell because of the Herzegovinian Rebellion and the uprising of peasants. Because of these events and the Treaty of Berlin, the Ottomans were forced to give control over to Austria-Hungary. (History of Bosnia and…
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