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The History of Buckman Company Founded in 1945 by Dr. Stanley Buckman Buckman started the company in Memphis, Tennessee, with five employees in a small building located on land that was once a lumberyard. Offices and laboratories were located on the first floor of the building, and a 50-gallon black iron chemical reactor and a steam boiler were placed in the basement. The 50-gallon black iron chemical reactor was sufficient to supply the initial order for 20 gallons of a microbicide, trade name BSM-11, to the company’s first customer – Whiting Paper Company. Three years later, BSM-11 and its derivatives had become the industry standard for microorganism control. Soon a new production facility was built next door…show more content…
ALSO DISCUSS THE TRAINING, EXPERIENCE OR BACKGROUND OF THE KEY MANAGEMENT INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE SIGNIFICANT TO THE CASE. Dr. Stanley Buckman Dr. Stanly J. Buckman, a microbiologist and biochemist, founded the worldwide Buckman organization in 1945 in Memphis, Tennessee. He believed that basic research, combined with knowledge of industrial processes and technology, could produce innovative chemicals to solve industry problems. Prior to his heart attack in 1978, Dr. Stanley’s management style reflected one of a micro manager. Twenty-six people reported directly to “Dr. Stanley,” creating a bureaucratic, less responsive organization. Robert (Bob) Buckman Becoming the new chairman and CEO of Buckman Laboratories after his father died of a heart attack in 1978, Bob was faced with many challenges and an evolutionary change in the business world. From the beginning of his leadership, Bob wanted to change the way the company operated. As he put it, “We were getting our lunch eaten. We were a multinational organization and needed to be a global organization.” In the process, Bob wanted to change the management style of the organization. “I knew I didn’t want to do it Dad’s way. Every single business decision had to be approved by my father. I thought this is too much work.” Even though the company had adopted the slogan “Creativity For Our Customers” in the 1960s, Bob was

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