The History of Caterpillar Engines Essay

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The History of Caterpillar Engines
The start of Caterpillar engines actually begins before Caterpillar was even a company. The history began back in the late1800’s when Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt were experimenting with various forms of steam tractors used for farming. The two competed with each other to gain the lead in the farm equipment industry. Throughout the late 1800’s and early 1900’s Holt and Best continued to build both steam and gas tractors. In 1908 Best sold his company to Holt.
In 1925 Holt Manufacturing and C. L. Best Gas Tractor, a company owned by Best’s son C. L. Best, merged to form Caterpillar Tractor Company. Three years later C. L. Best met with Carl George Arthur Rosen to discuss putting diesel engines in
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This housing then directs the compressed air into the engine.
After the use of the turbocharger they discovered a new problem. The compressed air was much hotter than normal air going into the engine. The reason was that when the air is compressed it puts pressure on all the atoms. This causes the atoms to hit each other, causing friction, and move even faster. These rapid movements cause a massive amount of heat. This excess heat caused less oxygen to get to the cylinders which means a loss of potential power. Our answer to this dilemma was the aftercooler.
Aftercoolers are used to lower the temperature of the air after it comes out of the turbo but before it enters the engine. By lowering the temperature the air becomes denser and holds more oxygen. This increase in oxygen provides an increase in power.
There are three types of aftercoolers. The first is an Air-to Air Aftercooler (ATAAC). With the air-to-air system, a separate cooler core is placed in front of the engine. The engine fan then passed outside air across the cooler. The outside air is much colder than the compressed air in the cooler. This difference causes the compressed air to drop in temperature by losing its heat to the outside air. This method is very common on most on-highway trucks since they have access to a large volume of fresh cool air.
The second type of aftercooler is the Jacket Water Aftercooler

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