The History of Chemistry Essay

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Chemistry has been around for a very long time. Chemistry is the branch of physical science that studies composition, properties, energy, and behavior of matter. It is said that chemistry has been around since prehistoric times. This was in the form of everyday objects like pottery, cosmetics and perfumes, and extracting metals from ores. Chemistry is based on the discovery and study of elements. Some elements were known to ancient man, but most were discovered by chemists and alchemists. Some say that chemistry started in the early Stone Age when man made fire. Chemistry is the study of chemical composition and properties of matter and the reactions of that matter. The study of any living thing involves chemistry. Without famous chemists…show more content…
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born on August 26, 1743 in Paris, France he would be the only child of a wealthy middle class family. He was very studious and extremely interested with the prosperity and the good of the public. Antoine education consisted of the study of mathematics, the classic, and sciences. He chose to pursue a career in chemistry because of the interest in rocks and other minerals. He also had a passion for law and went to law school after he finished college and later studied humanities and different types of sciences. He also spent much of his time attending various lectures about chemistry and physics because he didn’t find the teachers to be very demanding of his effort and time. Antoine was later accepted into the Academy of Sciences in 1768 graduated, and later married Marie Anne Paulze. She also helped him with his work by taking notes on his experiments, drawing pictures of the process and results of his experiments, and translating his work into English. There are so many things that we can trace back to chemistry, like X-rays, vehicles, clean water, cleaning products, and the list is endless. The basis of everything we do and make is made from chemistry, for example a hairdresser relaxing a customer's hair is performing a chemical reaction in our hair to give it a
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