The History of Chemistry Essay

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Chemistry and technology are together and separate. Chemistry uses technology and technology uses chemistry. The history of chemistry and technology is long going back to the ancient times. Chemistry was used even by the oldest civilizations, like Egypt. It was really popular during the medieval times. Back then it was called Alchemy, which is turning metal into gold or even about the philosopher’s stone. As the years went by, Alchemy became a lost art and chemistry took it in place. Chemistry led to the making of technology. Without technology we would not have any of what we need. Example would be our cell phones, computers, and cars, anything that most people can’t live without. So as was pointed out, chemistry and technology are together and separate.
Chemistry forms the dispersible foundation of disciplines such as biology, medicine, and material sciences. Future studies show an accelerating change in the technology through history. What is chemistry? Wikipedia defines it as a branch of physical science and is the study of the composition, properties and change of matter. It has been said that chemistry is also called the central science because it builds bridges to the other natural sciences. The history of chemistry goes back into the ancient times, back as far as about 1000 B.C. Examples of chemistry would be taking metal from ore or pottery to glazes. The art of chemistry is the matter of changing things into another. What is the point of studying chemistry?…