Essay about The History of Chemistry and Technology

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The History of Chemistry is ancient, starting at 1000 B.C to present time. Chemistry has evolved drastically over the centuries. the first civilization to take over chemistry were the Egyptians and Babylonians founded practical knowledge concerning the arts of metallurgy, pottery and dyes, but didn't develop a systematic theory.
In this period of time tons of civilizations tried to figure out the life of chemistry and how it worked. A basic chemical hypothesis first emerged in Classical Greece with the theory of four elements by Aristotle in 300 BC where fire, air, earth and water were the fundamental elements from which everything is formed as a combination.
Greek atomism dates back to 440 BC, arising in works by philosophers such as Democritus and Epicurus. Unlike modern concepts of science, Greek atomism was basically just the philosophical in nature, with little concern for empirical observations and no concern for chemical experiments.
In 1700 BC with the scenario of King Hammurabi's reign over Babylon there where several metals recored found at the site. In 430 BC Democritus of ancient Greece and man named Democritus proclaimed the atom to be the simplest unit of matter being that all matter was composed of atoms. All of the discoveries that were made at this time we still us as the foundation to chemistry.
There are many bumps and flaws in the business of chemistry as in the trying times for the Gold industries,13th Century through the 15th Century. Although…