The History of Comics Essay

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Comics were established again after many years in mid 1800’s by Swiss artists Rodolphe Topffer as he made comics popular again and started adding heroes and stories rather than having them talk about religion and history. He also included sounds in the word balloons to give the comic “movement” like ”BOOM” or “POW”. Comics as an art forms were recognized in the late 19th century. Newspapers and magazines are what first established comics and popularized them. Rodolphe Topffer’s style of comics continued on for many years and a lot of artists started making stories out of their drawing like Wilhelm Busch or Richard Felton as Rodolphe inspired them. One of the most famous characters during that time was “The Yellow Kid”

(These two images show “The Yellow Kid” as he was one of the most famous characters in the late 19th century)

Many comics that have been made a long time ago are still popular till this day. Through time many changes occurred with comics in different states around the world like Europe, Japan, and the USA. One huge change came in 1938 when ”superman” was created. Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster created him and after that many new superheroes got introduced to the world of comics. After the Second World War comics came into their “Godden Ages” which was from the late 1930’s to the late 1940’s, the author Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby had much to do with that as they introduced a lot of new characters, superheroes and villains. Characters created by them were…