The History of Communication Leading Up to the 4G Essay

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The First Generation of communication system is the Analog cellular system, means carrier is Analog. we just send wave forms primarily with voice. it is continuous in amplitude and time. variation in a signal disrupts over long distance . This Analog system was introduced in seventies.NMT , AMPS, TACS, CDPD technologies were used in 1G. It uses FDMA technique call to one country. All the Analog systems were used circuit switched technology and design only for voice communication not data. The cost for the system and voice transfer is also high in 1G.Problems with 1G is poor voice quality , less battery life , no security , the phone size is big and frequent call drops. second generation is digital cellular in this started sending 1's…show more content…
2. GPRS(General Packet Radio Service).
3. EDGE(Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evaluation).
HSCSD is one further step to 3G technology networks. wireless service providers are upgraded the 2G networks to 2.5 networks because of the subscribers demand and the 2G architecture remains same to give better voice and data applications.
Many users will not wait until the final 3G technology so that in 2.5 G like IS-54 , IS -136 , IS-95 , IS-95A , IS - 95B technologies were launched. GPRS technology is a midway of 2G and 3G. It uses packet switching technique , by this mobile data is cheaper and faster. The main difference between EDGE and GPRS is data modulation.

Path to 3G

3G technology was designed to support merge the existing cellular technologies such as GSM , TDMA,FDMA, CDMA and complete successfully result with new technologies as Wideband CDMA , CDMA 2000.Third generation is digital but not narrowband it is broadband. W-CDMA network is used for high capacity application signals and CDMA 2000 is the improved version of second generation CDMA IS-95.It focused on high speed internet access ,wide range market applications , new creativity , innovation and user benefits. By using 3G maximum 2Mbps speed is possible.
In each generation we get significantly the faster data speed but it is incompatible with previous generation. The main concept of 3.5 G is increase several megabits of data using HSDPA , HSUPA, TD-CDMA.
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