The History of Dell Computers

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You would have to go around the period of World War II to find the first digital computers designed by an army of engineers both computers the size of factories and only able to solve simple mathematical operations The portable computers have evolved since the creation the first one. As technology improved, and financial availability became friendlier for consumers the microcomputer revolution began. The market for microcomputers with a printed circuit grew to about 100,000 because of improved microprocessors, a standard operating system, and increased availability of software, disk drives, and cheaper memory. By the time Dell’s portable devices came to the market, portable devices advanced tremendously. Several computer manufacturers…show more content…
Due to their rapid growth, they were caught in a cash crunch. This helped his competitor Compaq to take advantage by slashing its prices by around 30%; companies such as Gateway 2000 also entered the market during this period. Dell started losing its share quickly. Even its inventory that used to turn over 12 times a year started to show negative growth. Another issue was that lack of senior management capable of guiding the firm to maturity. In order to overcome these crises, in order to overcome this issue, Michael dell hired several senior executives from large companies like Motorola. The development process was also haphazard. This led to the development of a laptop that was a complete failure. Some owners reported smoke emitting out of the laptops. In order to solve this issue, the process needed to be made more structured. In 1993, Dell got input from consultants and began to organize product development around “core teams” of developmental professionals from several different functions. The new process had six phases: profile, planning, implementation, qualification, launch and acceptance. But through most of 1993 the informality development model was used. Dell carried out research in order to determine the feature customers look for when purchasing a system. During this research, it was found that battery power was the attributed that influenced customers the most. After deciding their path, Dell went on to
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