Essay about The History of Digital Cinema

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Digital cinema has quickly created a huge impression in the worlds of film and television. The progression from traditional film to digitized software has brought upon a myriad of new methods and processes to create and transport film more easily than ever before. 2K Resolution is one of many forms of digital cinema that has long been used in the history of film and is still the most popular format to use during screenings of feature films at a movie cinema.
The history of 2K Resolution begins from the beginning of digital cinematography. First starting in the late 1980’s, Sony had started making a marketing push into a new system known as ‘electronic cinematography’. They had attempted to begin this new system by utilizing traditional analogue HDTV cameras and it was not very successful. Later in 1998, HDCAM recorders had just been released alongside digital video cameras which were the first to shoot with a 1920 x 1080 pixel range on CCD technology. The entire system was revamped and become known as ‘digital cinematography’. This paved the way for a new benchmark in cinema history and digital cinema was already at the helm.
2K Resolution is related to digital cinema; it is a primary method of storing video as an electronic copy contained inside a storage device. Computer severs and hard drives are used to store the contents of the video. Digital cinema creates an electronic projection onto a large screen instead of projecting hard light like in traditional cinema…

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