The History of Disneyland

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In 1955, Disneyland was created by Walt Disney because of his love for cartoons and continued to be built by Roy in 1966 after Walt Disney’s death. Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901in Chicago, Illinois. He did not have the idea childhood due to his family being financially unstable and his father was not the nicest to him. As a child Walt’s father Elias believed in corporate punishment and beat him regularly. Since the family was poor, they had to move around a lot so they could find jobs. Walt and his brothers were forced to get jobs at young ages to help pay the bills for the family. In 1910, Walt moved out to a farm in Kansas City, Missouri. On the farm, Walt would sketch the animals with charcoal and that was when he developed his love for drawing cartoons. In 1919 Walt completed his service in the Red Cross. He then moved back to Kansas City where he got a job in a Commercial Art Studio. While working in the Studio Walt became friends with Ub Iwerks. He would later become the key animator for the Walt Disney studios. Disney and Iwerks formed a short lived business that Disney took the remaining assets and 15,000 from local investors to create laugh-o-gram films and to move out to LA. Once in LA, Disney called Margaret Winkler, a film distributor, to announce his production of the laugh-o-grams. The laugh-o-grams featured a live girl, Alice who interacted with animated characters. In 1923 Winkler agreed to buy half a dozen Alive in Cartoonland films. Later that
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