The History of Drinking Alcohol in America

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In early America drinking alcohol was as common as eating. The water was not always clean and pure so people drank alcohol instead to be sure they wouldn’t catch any illnesses running through the water. This was until physicians realized how dangerous alcohol was and writers started to advertise alcohol as a poison. The next thing you know there are people against alcohol and many communities were being divided into people who drink and the people who don’t drink. This is when The Temperance movement began, which was a movement that wanted to either control the distribution and consumption of alcohol, or completely end the ability to drink alcohol. Due to society’s severe health problems, destitution, and crime in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century, women blamed the abuse of alcohol and started The Temperance Movement.
Even though the knowledge of the first ever used alcoholic beverage is unknown, it is known that the earliest alcoholic beverage was made from berries or honey. Wine came from wild grape regions from the Middle East. Beer and wine were used for a variety of purposes; such as, medicinal purposes, pleasure, nutrition, rituals, funerary purposes, to and even to cure fatigue. The first popular alcoholic beverage was made from honey and water. In the earlier times, seeing someone intoxicated was rare and unusual. Then came Christianity, and with it came more drinking attitudes, many biblical writings refer back to alcohol references. Wine was
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