The History of European Integration

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In 1930s these prophets sought, but failed, to prevent the outbreak of the Second World War, therefore many initiations were taken to create a peaceful political and institutional order. Europe, potentially a political entity, took form through treaties and the resulting international organizations (George & Bache, 2001). Some of the key markers of this political process are the ratification of the 1951 Treaty of Paris, and the subsequent creation of the European Coal and Steel Community; which resulted in the re-launching of the Europe with the Treaty of Rome (1957) that created the European Economic Community (EEC); and finally the very difficult process of deepening the co-operation among the members states as well as the entering of new member states (Misa & Schot, 2006).

The attention to European ‘culture’ emerged only in the 1980s. As the common market was gaining momentum, and the European politics growing, it turned out that ordinary citizens were losing interest in Europe. However through many campaigns and actions, the European Union (EU) became increasingly aware of the important role of new communication technologies, economic, and political development in fostering a pan-European identity. As a result, till present, the EU…
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