Essay on The History of Genetically Modified Foods

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This paper discusses genetically modified (GM) foods, the interesting history, and their development. It shows how GM foods have experienced rapid growth over the last ten years. Within the history of these foods, there has been a great deal of controversy and debate of the benefits and risks of GM foods and the production process. Analyzing the current situation around GM foods, this controversy will likely continue for many years to come. Genetically Modified Foods The Early Days and Development of GM Foods In the beginning of genetically modified foods, tomatoes were the first crop to be genetically engineered and grown for commercial use; tobacco had been produced over a decade earlier. . “Food that is genetically modified means…show more content…
(U.S. Dept. Agriculture, 2001) The Rise of Controversy around GM Foods The expectations proved to be wrong as a prominent scientist in the United Kingdom spoke out against GM foods and the development process. The scientist had been hired to create a safety procedure for GM foods in Europe. However, during his research, he found that rats had suffered from various physical changes. Some precancerous and he concluded that the actual process of genetic modification led to these changes, rather than the specific inserted gene itself. He referred to consumers being guinea pigs for this new technology and expressed great concern about genetic modification techniques. The consumers in Europe were upset and shortly thereafter, various food companies all confirmed they would avoid genetically modified foods. With health scares unrelated to GM foods occurring over the next decade, the consumer mistrust of GM foods only strengthened and people began to protest and rally against companies that followed this practice. Other GM foods soon hit the market, like soybeans, cotton, corn and many others. Although GM foods have been accepted and produced more comfortably in the United States, Europeans were still overall not supportive of these foods. Other countries such as India had embraced the concept of GM foods and were producing them quite widely. Benefits of GM Foods A benefit of GM foods could be that they can potentially produce
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