The History of Google

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The internet is one (if not) the biggest fastest forms of communication we use in this world. It's used to connect people to one another from any point on the earth. The internet also consist of a large number of search engine. Each search engine can look up and find about anything you are looking for. One of the biggest search engines today is google. Google is a play on the word googol. Googol was coined by a man named Milton Sirotta. Milton Sirotta was the nephew of an American mathematician Edward Kasner and James Newman. The word googol means the number represented by the number one followed by a hundred zeros. Google used that term because the
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Google had begun to encounter gridlock so they alleviated the problem with a move to the googleplex. That's googles current headquarters in mount vice, California. Both aol and nestscape decided on google aas there web search service. By doing so aol and nestscape helped push traffic levels post three million searches per day. Google continuously kept growing. Google went international when Italian Portal Virgilo, Virgin net, and the Uk's leading online entertainment guide signed on as a client. The growth of google bought in awards like the technical excellence award for innovation in web application development from PC magazine and inclusion in several best of list.
At the googleplex, they foster a relaxed mood which promotes a positive work drive. TLC googleplex office has things such as large rubber exercise balls in place of chairs, large dogs, and open space opposed to cubicals. Moreover the googleplex parking lot were used to roller hockey games twice a week.
The people at googleplex believe that a relaxed work environment fosters an accelerated exchange of ideas and collegiality. Some of google's improvements include the google dictionary and the ability to search via wireless devices. Also, google has made itself more marketable by introducing ten language versions. Googles accomplishments are beginning to fill their mantle. Google was awarded the webby award and a people's voice award for

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