The History of Gunpowder Essay

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The History of Gunpowder It could easily be argued that one of the most important inventions or discoveries in history has been gunpowder. And there are many things that can be argued about gunpowder itself. Such as where was it originated, when was it originated, and how did it spread across the world. These are three questions I will be looking at in this paper. However the purpose of this paper is to prove that gunpowder gave rise to the powerful western world while it inevitably left the China and the Eastern World behind. It is generally determined that the discoverers of gunpowder were the Chinese. As early as in the T'ang dynasty (AD 618-906) there seem to have existed what were called "fire trees" and "silver…show more content…
The instrument they used is described as an iron tube or vessel that was filled with a powder or drug meaning they used gunpowder. Some people think the "thunder" was a real cannon. However it was most likely really nothing more than some kind of metal bomb filled with gunpowder and was thrown at the Mongols by the defending Chinese. Only a few decades after this time, the Mongols completed their conquest of the greatest land empire ever known to man, not only including all of China, but also most of the rest of Asia and Eastern Europe as far west as Poland and Hungary. Because of this empire existing, it was possible for Europeans like Marco Polo (however it’s not been proven if Marco Polo himself ever traveled as far East as China) to travel freely to the Far East, and for many new things gotten there to be brought by them back to Europe. It is most likely although not completely proven that gunpowder was among some of the products which were introduced to Europe this way. If all of that is true then the use of gunpowder for cannons is more or less completely a development from Europe. In historical documents here cannons are referred to in Italy, France, England, and other countries from about 1330 onward. Which goes to show that while the Chinese most likely invented gunpowder it is the great thinkers of the Western world that
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